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Our clients

"Everything went very smoothly, from start to finish. Whether it was the presentation or the boarding process, it was seamless. Even after the project was completed, we continued to work together to resolve any minor issues observed during production, and even in that regard, the responsiveness was excellent!In short, I highly recommend!"

Maximilien Vohnout
Company : NOOVIE

"Great experience: Our maker Dihia is superb, quickly picked up the project's skills. It's a pleasure to work with someone as self-sufficient as her."

Company : Alto


From idea to product in record time.

Quickly validate the potential your project to your target audience without large financial resources.

Test, improve, repeat!

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Business application

Rethink your business management with a tailor-made application, adapting to the needs of your profession.

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Schowcase site

Have a visually attractive website and optimize is more than essantial in 2023!

Creation, redesign or migration to a CMS more perform like Webflow.

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E-commerce website

Create your online store and optimize it with the best tools :

  • Webflow : for an advanced design

  • Shopify : for easy management optimal commercial

site e-commerce


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Appointment with a senior project manager.

Team constitution and implementation of a product strategy in correlation with your business challenges.

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Collaborate effectively remotly thanks to our monitoring tools and our virtual office.

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You can keep your team and continue to enjoy our benefits.

If your project evolves, you can integrate more talents.

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A comprehensive and advantageous solution for you to have full control over your project.

Low cost

ADR from 200 $ / day.

Weekly commitment.

Monitoring and control

Access to a virtual desktop and a dashboard of control.

Dedicated manager of Drakkapp.


Opportunity to retain/develop your team for your long-term projects.

Part-time/full-time senior project manager.

Confirmed talents

Our makers are engineers, trained in No-Code technologies via our own academy "Drakkapp School".

Cultural and linguistic approach.

We train our talents ourselves through our Drakkapp School academy.

Through our school implemented in French-speaking countries that produce more engineers every year.

We offer scholarships for the top talents sourced by our R&H service.

A 3-month No-Code training focused on a single technology (Bubble - Webflow).

Integration into a project team for practice and consolidate the achivements.

Continuous tests & evaluations over the long term.

Recruitment of the best juniors.

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Strengthen your strike force to validate more projects

Say yes to your customers! You will no longer need to ask yourself the question if you have sufficient human resources. We will let's help to develop products quickly and to lower cost.

Getting started

We will be your CTO

Create an MVP to validate your business idea at an incredible speed and cost. Customized No-code solutions to help you innovate and dominate the market.

Getting started

Tired of inconsistent and costly freelancers?

We've got you covered for all your technical needs at a fraction of the cost, thanks to a full cycle of development, design, and management for all technical tasks and projects.

Getting started

Project cost

Long-term commitment


Access to more specialized talent

Level of control over the project




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Dev agency

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Recruitment in permanent

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250 € / day


200 € / day


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Questions fréquentes

Do I need to pay for the test day to try out my maker?

No, the test day is completely free. The goal is to get to know your Maker and assess their ability to join your team for collaboration.

Do you have the capability to manage my project?

Yes, we have complementary teams with several years of experience as well as expertise in product development.

What No-code platforms do you use?

We master the most powerful No-code tools on the market, including Bubble, Webflow, FlutterFlow, Make...