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About Drakkapp

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Origin of the word Drakkapp

Drakkapp comes from the word Drakkar which is the name of the Viking ships used for world conquest.
The Vikings are a symbol of ambition and resilience.

You've got it! Our ambitions know no bounds.

The benefits of working at Drakkapp

When you join Drakkapp, you become part of a global family. We take care of each other.

Working at Drakkapp means having:

Performance bonuses.

Rapid career advancement.

Flexible hours.

A stress-free work environment.

Recruitment process

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We are constantly looking for technical or business talents.



If you meet the required qualifications, you will be invited for an interview. You may be asked to submit samples of your work or take a skills test, depending on the position you applied for.


Job offer

Once you have successfully completed the hiring process, you will receive a job offer.

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